Gum Zap

The sight of gum wads stuck to floors or other surfaces is definitely an offensive one that can turn away people. In fact, a single chewing gum on an otherwise pristinely clean surface can ruin the entire impression of the place. This is especially applicable in the case of places, such as hospitals, religious institutions, malls, and offices that have to look welcoming and impressive at all times. It is simply not possible to keep people from disposing chewing gum carelessly. What is possible is to clean off the gum wads from surfaces and regain the clean look. This is where gum removal equipment gain significance.

Fighting Gum with Steam Power

Traditional scrubbing techniques do not work well, when it comes to eliminating large number of gum wads from areas that experience heavy traffic. This is primarily why cleaning experts use advanced gum removal equipment to remove chewing gum wads from different surfaces. These machines utilize the power of steam to accomplish excellent gum removal results.

It is a well-known fact that steamers help eliminate dirt, stains, and grease from different surfaces. The hot steam ejected by vapor steam machines also helps disinfect and deodorize surfaces. This cleaning power of steam has now been effectively harnessed to simplify gum elimination applications. Gum removal equipment available from reputed brands eject steam at super-hot temperatures to dissolve the toughest deposits of gum quickly and effectively.

The Best Gum Cleaning Technologies

Cleaning professionals recommend pre-spraying gum softening chemicals on the surface before the steam cleaning process. The combined gum-softening action of the chemical and the gum removal equipment dissolves the gum deposits exceptionally well and makes it easier to extract. The best gum cleaning machines come with durable, stainless steel brushes that agitate the dissolved gum deposits to remove all blotches and stains of gum from surfaces. Finally, the vacuum extraction function of the steam cleaning machine helps extract the dissolved deposits, cleaning solution, and moisture, leaving the surfaces clean and dry.

Many of the top-grade steam vacuums feature steam temperatures as high as 369ºF and pressure levels of up to 125 psi for improved cleaning action. In addition, high-quality vapor steam cleaning systems are equipped with self-cleaning boilers. This protects the boilers from the accumulation of scale deposits that can interrupt the normal functioning of the machine. Clean boilers incur fewer maintenance issues and continue to generate steam at consistently high temperatures. The self-cleaning boilers thus contribute to extending the lifespan of the steam vacuums.

Unlike the traditional versions, quality vapor steam cleaning machines come with removable heating rods. In case of maintenance problems, users may easily replace the heating elements. This is a very affordable option, as compared to the huge cost involved in replacing the entire boiler system.

You must remember that the gum cleaner solution, stainless steel brushes, and powerful vacuum extraction functions are available only in the best vapor steam cleaning machines from leading brands. In other words, you must always purchase steam vacuums from reputed suppliers to experience how simple gum elimination can really be.


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