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Ceramics is one material that never go out of style. They are classic pieces not just for dishware but also as vases, pots, figurines, and artworks. Anyone who has a ceramics collection must be able to properly display them for other people to see and appreciate. The question now is, how? Well, there are a number of smart and creative ways to showcase your ceramics.

vitra ceramic collection

Here are some of the best:

Use long overhead shelves

Long shelves are a prime spot to display your collection especially if you have many of them. You can have them customized so they fit perfectly above the top sash of your door to the dining room. That would surely make a great conversation starter for when you have guests for dinner.

Hang plates on the wall

A ceramic plate is in itself an artwork so why not hang them on your wall for everyone to see? You can arrange them asymmetrically if they have different sizes. For dishes with same sizes, display them vertically if you want the ceiling look higher.

Group them

Ceramic decors look more beautiful when displayed with coordination. Make a statement by placing those with very similar color palettes together. Place on one table, for instance, your collection of white and blue pots and vases. A group of ceramic green dishes can be displayed against a white shelf.

Mix and match

Combine your ceramics with other homely design elements such as rustic wicker baskets, vintage cupboards, and distressed wooden decors. These lovely and warm-looking elements go well with ceramics that are brown or creamy white in color such as those you can get from Astier de Villate online shop.

These are only a few of the many many ways to display your ceramic collection. Just use your creativity to make your pots, vases, and dishes more visible and more appreciated. Never be afraid to mix them with other decors or place them in different spots in the house. Ceramics are wonderful pieces that easily stand out so feel free to showcase them anywhere, anyhow.

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