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Being in a relationship is not an easy task

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September 26, 2020

Relationship is good specially if you are with the right person. You are able to do everything without a problem. To me spending time with someone becomes a lot easier to solve the problem. it makes you feel like everything is going to be well. But sometimes it is not just happens. there are scenario in our life that become so hard at all. When you are in a relationship it is sometimes hard to handle. Sometimes life becomes a lot hard on us. relationship is both commitment and responsibility. You have to know that when you enter a relationship it is another challenge that you have to deal day by day.

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i decided to came out in my relationship because it is not getting healthy at all. Every time I deal with my girl it becomes so toxic and negativity. Things change as time goes by, we will know deeply who are with when we are with them the longer time. it is important to know that we should never take things for granted. To me being in a relationship gives me headache as we went deep in our lives.

It is not an easy task especially if your partner has a lot of rules that stop you from things that makes you grow. Sometimes you cant understand the situation no matter how you think of it. relationship became so hard when one of you start to become selfish. selfish in terms of time, your partner stop you from going out with your friends or family which is so toxic. You can see in that part your partner becomes so controlling. before I decided to leave our toxic relationship I made sure that I won’t regret it. So I longer my patience a couple of times and understand my partner. But my partner never changed, the situation becomes so serious when she let me spend my money on things that not matters. To me I want to have a bright future that is why as much as I can I am saving it. but my partner become so materialistic that she want to buy everything she wants. Many times I let her and never say anything. I observed how our relationship turns to toxicity.

I never thought that one day I will get tired. I woke up one day that I don’t want to be with her anymore. Not because I don’t love her but because I want us both to grow up. I realized that if she continued her life with me she will become dependent and stop believing her capacity. Maybe I will wreck he life or she wreck mine so it’s better to cut the ties off.

For now I never have any relationship after my last. it’s just a lot of responsibility at all. Maybe I am not ready to handle a partner and I don’t want to pressure myself. It’s not an easy task to hold. just because you love the person it does not mean that it stops there.

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